A Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side

The Wildlife Hotspot of Ausable Marsh

The Ausable Marsh Wildlife Management Area is an excellent place to view an array of wildlife. Before its designation as a Wildlife Management Area, the marsh was logged and used for a number of reasons. The marsh is critical for migratory bird patterns and all wildlife that depend on marshy ecosystems, granting it WMA status in 1950. The marsh is studied by environmentalists and ornithologists, and it is used recreationally by hunters, trappers, anglers, bird watchers and paddlers. Excellent views of the surrounding mountains and Lake Champlain are additional advantages to visiting the marsh.

 The common merganser, like this male seen swimming in the Little Ausable River, dominates the lakes and rivers of the Adirondacks. Their diet consists mainly of fish, and they nest within holes in trees.
The American mink, as pictured above, is a semiaquatic weasel that feeds on fish, birds and other small game. Mink coats are praised by trappers, as their fur is more valuable than that of silver fox and marten.

Photos and captions by Cal Seeley

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