Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

It seems like a lifetime ago when Jacob Elsbree messaged me about joining DoNorth. He said, “I’ll be the Editor in Chief of DoNorth, and I can just see you pumping out a good story on some mountain!” To this day my first article was my favorite. I bared my heart and soul describing a grueling nine day canoe trip with all boys. Through the sleet, rain and snow, all of us suffered, making the article funny yet engaging. And boy was it fun! 

Now, we are in the middle of a pandemic, a toxic political climate and a seemingly hopeless year. This is a travel and tourism magazine and we do not usually discuss politics and pandemics. It feels wrong not to acknowledge this. People died fighting a disease, people died defending their rights and people died at the hands of those who swore to protect. But still the United States remains, divided and struggling to fight off COVID-19. 

Just like the small hamlet of Lyon Mountain, which is featured in this issue, we will persevere in the face of adversity. I hope that this issue can bring some happiness and hope in a dark time. From the ice walls in Keene Valley to the luscious lavender fields of the Adirondack View Vineyard, the DoNorth team has put together a wonderful magazine full of all types of stories. The warm hearth of Malone draws in readers and locals to buy ceramics and musical instruments. Don’t forget your hiking boots and the seven principles of Leave No Trace. This issue will take you to the congested High Peaks of Keene Valley and the quiet hiking trail of Lyon Mountain.  

I want to thank every single person involved in DoNorth this semester. I know this has been a tough time and wearing masks 6 feet apart is hardly how DoNorth usually looks. I would also like to thank Heaven Longo, my managing editor, to whom I will be passing the torch too. Don’t worry I’m not going far, I’ll still be writing and editing. I want to give a special thanks to Rickell and the design team, as always the magazine looks amazing. Finally, I want to thank the editors who came before me, Jacob Elsbree, Gina Agnano and Nyela Graham. I never imagined being editor in chief when I first walked into the DoNorth room, but you all believed in me. With that, safely

Go Forth and DoNorth  

Sierra McGivney