Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

I finally believe you, mom, professors and mentors. You all told me that college would fly by, and my time at SUNY Plattsburgh would come to an abrupt end. This semester was unusual to say the least. Instead of our usual DoNorth snack parties, the up-close chitter chatter and joke circles, our team met in a large lecture room. Our beloved advisor, Catherine Manegold, joined us on Zoom every Tuesday night. Our DoNorth team would meet in person when we could and virtually when there was no other option. We continued to write, rain or shine, throughout quarantines and after vaccinations. This issue serves as proof of the triumph of my DoNorth family. We are a team, our experiences are seen, celebrated and all the tireless nights amounted to something beautiful. 

I remember the first article I wrote for our publication. I recall the sinking feeling in my stomach as I pulled onto the gravel outside of The Carriage House Cooking School. I held a small notebook in my hand with a list of endless questions and wondered why I chose a story so out of my league. It was my debut with DoNorth. I am proud to have been Editor In Chief after such remarkable others, including but not limited to Gina Agnano, Nyela Graham, and Sierra McGivney

As an editor, I learned from my mentors while also producing my own work, “Celebrating Constellations”. This piece was fueled from looking at the passion of others. Their love for the unexplored galaxy captured my heart, and yours too, I hope. 

My journey with DoNorth continued on, and I had the privilege of working as Managing Editor for my irreplaceable friend and colleague, Sierra McGivney, that following semester. Our team worked to create a unique issue featuring the quaint hamlet of Lyon Mountain. I wanted to continue to highlight hamlets of the North Country.

In this issue, there is a story for all. We introduce our loyal readers to Keeseville, New York. It is home to breathtaking architecture and picture-worthy views of historic bridges and Lake Champlain. Avid adventurers and inexperienced hikers can partake in a water excursion on the Ausable River or find solitude on the ridge of Cobble Hill Lookout. Wine lovers may decide to uncork and unwind with a glass, of cold-climate sample, of Highland Vineyards estate grown vin. For history lovers, there is an inside look at a community’s architectural past. 

My team, hardworking, dedicated and exceptionally talented, was filled with out-of-the-ordinary writers. They joined me on this journey, and they are learning to love the magic that comes with showcasing our community’s stories. We have come together as a team and family to bring you this issue. I am proud to pass the Editor In Chief torch to Clarice Knelly. Congratulations, I cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication this semester. You will continue to do great things going forward.

Go Forth and DoNorth  


Heaven Longo