Welcome to the Village of Rouses Point

On the edge of New York’s border with Canada, and just a stone’s skip from Vermont, shines the little town of Rouses Point. To those unacquainted with the North Country lifestyle, the town may look like nothing more than a small main street with a beautiful lake view. However, to those few with the fortune of calling the north home, Rouses Point is something extraordinary.

To history, Rouses point is just a crossing; a place to wander through on the way to snowy Canada. Millions of dollars in war planes were sent through the town from Long Island by the U.S. in 1940 to aid in Canada’s war effort. Prince Edward of Wales crossed there from Canada in 1919 to visit Woodrow Wislon. Even Queen Elizabeth herself passed through the tiny town by train on her way to Canada.

Rouses Point, though, is far more than a place to pass through. While it may not see the same excitement it once did, there is still much to do and enjoy there. Kayak around Stony Point and revel in the beauty of Lake Champlain. Stop in at Lakeside Coffee for a fresh brew and a delicious pastry. Cast a line into the water for an experience abundant in both fun and fish. Find nightlife at Latitude 45, and enjoy great drinks and excellent service. No matter your fancy, Rouses Point has something for everyone. It is a place to enjoy, full of wonderful history and better people.

Introduction by Oliver Reil

Photo by Cal Seeley

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