Welcome to Keeseville

In our previous issue of DoNorth, released in the fall of 2020, our team began showcasing the individual tight-knit communities that form the Adirondack Coast. For this issue, we are excited to showcase the hamlet of Keeseville, New York. 

The hamlet, developed along the Ausable River, has a rich industrial history seen in the large stone mill that overlooks Anderson Falls. Many old stone buildings accompany the mill on Main Street and stand reminiscent of the past. This includes the Keeseville-based Adirondack Architecture Heritage (AARCH) building. Their nineteenth-century office building was once home to a busy horseshoe nail manufacturer. Half-century-old nails can be found scattered around the property, remnants of when their industry helped build a new nation. 

Over time, Keeseville’s stony landscape has slowly transformed. Soon, a new waterfront park will add contrast to the gray buildings and historic bridges with a lush green blanket of public space leading into the Ausable River. 

Keeseville has a lot more to offer than its picturesque terrain. Many people in Keeseville work to make it a dynamic and tourist-worthy destination. Young agriculturalists and artisans are reclaiming their beloved community. 

The Badger Brothers are a common name in Keeseville. Their brewery on Mace Chasm Road serves as a hub for young and old folk. Their innovative brews and prized vendors make for delectable evenings out. 

The Campagna family produces exceptional fruity beverages. Wine from their estate-grown grapes is served on-site at their striking vineyard. Guests gather in the summer and fall to drink and dine with a front row view to Lake Champlain. 

For an aquatic view of Keeseville, Adirondack River Rentals provides kayaks and paddleboards for all ages. Visitors can hop in the river, just upstream from Ausable Chasm, and take paddleboard yoga classes or enjoy a family kayak outing.

With fewer than 2,000 residents, Keeseville serves as a secluded and scenic destination that anyone can enjoy. Keeseville’s resilience and beauty proves one thing to be true; there is a lot to be discovered in small places. 

Welcome to Keeseville. 

Story by Clarice Knelly

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