Smooth Sippin’

Elevate your body and mind

On Plattsburgh’s Smithfield Boulevard, a pink neon sign stands out against brown brickwork. Welcome to the Elevate 518 Nutrition Club. Once you step beyond its glass door, you are greeted by a peppy short-haired woman at the register. Her name is Roberta Boyea, the owner of the popular and nutritious shake and tea shop. 

Creative concoctions are created here. The variety of drinks whisked together is seemingly endless. The Banana Split shake is a classic. A plethora of protein mixes can be blended in for a pre-workout kick. Other popular drinks are inspired by the taste of familiar cereals, such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles. Colorful teas are bright and eye-catching, making them instantly “Instagramable.” They are often layered in rainbows of color. The Swedish Fish tea, a fan-favorite, has a royal blue top that bleeds into a deep pink below. 

A colorful smoothie for sunny days.

Boyea wants to encourage patrons to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. She hosts a nutrition club that offers a supportive community. Before COVID-19, this included outdoor group workouts, raffling events at local fitness centers and a multitude of weight loss challenges with cash prize winners. The main goal is a healthy and happy lifestyle. Together, members work to support each other’s healthy habits. 

Elevate 518 Nutrition has made a name for itself. Its unique shakes and promotion of healthy living can be a refuge for those who want a change in their diet. Behind its pink sign it stands as a healthy treasure, designed to motivate all who walk in. 

The pink neon sign welcomes guests.

Story by Jazmin Brown 

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