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Serenity through all seasons

Hikes, short-lived or lengthy, are a form of meditation. They guide us away from the humdrum cycle of life. The Adirondacks are home to a multitude of low and high peaks to choose from. Cobble Lookout is a short, but scenic, wooded trail located in Wilmington, New York. The forest of trees creates an ever-changing color palette. The summer months reveal hues of deep green amidst native shrubbery. In the fall, the warm colors of changing leaves make a fiery spectacle. 

Cobble Lookout is an accessible 2.6 mile round trip hike, achievable at any time of the day. It is a quiet quest compared to busier hikes in the area, like nearby Whiteface Mountain. Whether you’re awake at the crack of dawn or trudging along at dusk after a long day, the trail welcomes all. 

The terrain is fairly flat with a gradual incline, making it undemanding, even for inexperienced hikers. Be warned though, the elevation will cause some ears to pop. 

This is a short day hike. Only minimal gear is necessary. A bag of fresh homemade granola, a water bottle, a camera and a bandana are all the supplies I typically bring. On rainy days, it’s also best to bring an extra pair of socks, in case mud seeps through your shoes. 

I find that stormy days are just as enticing as fair-weathered ones on Cobble Lookout. I recall the feeling of my boots pushing slightly into the soft terrain as rain drops rolled gently off the grass blades. I even prefer the gray skies, as they are easier on the eyes. 

Climbing this trail round trip takes roughly an hour. Avid photographers and amblers who bask in the scenic beauty may take extra time. Visitors may notice the sturdy wooden footbridges scattered throughout the trail. They may tune into the chirping and chattering wildlife and the burble of nearby flowing streams while walking up. 

As I trekk, I recall another fond memory here. This past Fourth of July, a group of friends and I packed a small picnic for the hilltop. The sky had a pale pink tint, contrasting the gray clouds, and was illuminated with fireworks from a nearby beach. As brisker weather sets in, I am beginning to miss the smoke-filled summer skies. 

The cairn, a stack of rocks from previous hikers, is a sign the summit is close. While I seldom see other hikers, the cairns show otherwise. The surrounding mountains tower over Cobble, creating a striking view. I recall standing on the ridge, gazing at beams of sunlight breaking through the clouds, immersing me in its iridescent glow. 

Cobble Lookout allows for simplicity and solitude. As the sun dips below the imposing landscape, I look forward to my next meditative endeavor into nature.

Story and photos by Haley Passino

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