Trekking the Adirondacks

Rattlesnake Mountain, Poke-o-Moonshine Mountain, Lyon Mountain, and Silver Lake Mountain

Issue 10: Winter/Spring 2018

(DoNorth/Photo by Safire R. Sostre)
Rattlesnake Mountain

Elevation: 1,316’ 
Distance (round trip): 2.6 miles 
The mountain does not live up to its name. Eastern timber rattlesnakes are a somewhat rare and threatened species and only seen farther south in the Adirondack Park. The trail follows an old logging road. Reaching the peak on this rocky, gradual ascent will be worth the hike just to see the views. Look back on Long Pond or gaze east toward the horizon to see Lake Champlain.
—Samantha Barcomb
(DoNorth/Photo by Mary Kunze)
Lyon Mountain

Elevation: 3,829’
Distance (round trip): 6.2 miles 
Get ready for a challenge. Lyon Mountain is the highest point in Clinton County and the highest point north of the Saranac River. The new trail winds up and around the mountain at 3.4 miles long, while the old trail is 2.5 miles long. Although shorter, the old trail is much steeper, carving its way straight to the top. The fire tower also welcomes hikers, offering panoramic views of the Adirondacks, Vermont and Canada.
—Marissa Russo
(DoNorth/Photo by Safire R. Sostre)
Silver Lake Mountain 
Elevation: 2,365’ 
Distance (round trip): 2.0 miles
The trailhead starts along the remains of an old logging road. With loose rocks and pine needles spread throughout the path, it’s easy to lose one’s footing. This hike is an excellent snowshoe outing for the entire family.
—Safire R. Sostre
(DoNorth/Photo by Mary Kunze)
Winter on the Adirondack Coast offers more than just icy winds and heavy snowfall. Grab some gear and snowshoe, ski or sled all season long
—Samantha Barcomb
(DoNorth/Photo by Mary Kunze)

Accessible year round, this 35-foot steel fire tower leads visitors to different scenic views in all directions. To the north, catch glimpses of Chateaugay Lake and Montreal. To the east, turn south and see the blue silhouettes of the High Peaks.
—Jasely Molina

(DoNorth/Photo by Mary Kunze)
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