By Nathanael LePage Hidden Treasure in a Frosty Chasm Ausable Chasm, the self-proclaimed “Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks,”offers a unique experience for visitors in the frozen winters of the Adirondack Coast. Though a popular summer destination since opening in 1870, frigid weather reveals something altogether different when the cascading waters of Rainbow Falls stop midstream, creating icy blue walls and 150-foot icicles. For nearly 140 years, the Chasm was open only from Memorial Day to October. That changed a decade ago, when General Manager Tim Bressett, who grew up in the area but had never explored the chasm in wintertime,…

Ice Cold Beats | Montreal’s Below Freezing Music Festival

Each winter, Igloofest gathers together thousands of electronic music fans to dance under the stars at Montreal’s Old Port. The concert features the mainstage, where the international EDM and techno DJs are performing, and a second stage highlighting local DJ’s from the Montreal area.

Living Wild | Preserving the Adirondacks One Step at a Time

The Adirondack Park is comprised of 6.1 million acres of rivers, lakes, mountains and a variety of wildlife and ecosystems. Covering one-fifth of New York state, the park is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States, greater in size than Everglades, Glacier, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks combined.

Cycling the Saranac

The sun sets. The lake’s reflection mirrors the sun’s orange, reddish-hues as the clouds gather. Isaac Hardy adjusts his helmet. His red-and-yellow checkered skinsuit stands out on this cloudy day. Gracefully, he mounts his bicycle and glides down the Saranac River bike trail.

Plattsburgh Then vs. Now

(DoNorth/Jessica Blondell) Plattsburgh City Beach THEN: Judging by the beach attire and the cars scattered along the beach, Roger Black, Clinton County Historical Society volunteer of historic photos, estimates this photo was taken in the early 1920s. When the weather warmed up and the beach welcomed visitors, people from the surrounding Plattsburgh area and into Canada would park their cars on beach and bask in the sun with friends and family. NOW: The Plattsburgh City Beach is one of the largest freshwater beaches in the United States, according to the City of Plattsburgh Parks and Recreation Department, and has views…

Bird is the Word

(DoNorth/Jessica Blondell) Clinton County is a haven for wild feathered friends. Check out what to bring, where to go, species to look for and a few good references to bring on a birding adventure. What you’ll need: Binoculars William Krueger, birding enthusiast and author, suggests buying a nice pair of binoculars to have the best experience birding. “Don’t go cheap,” he says. “Spend at least $150 minimum or up to $250 for a good pair. Don’t go over the top though, like $2,000 on a pair, if you’re just starting out in case you don’t like it.” Notebook and pencil:…

Discover Plattsburgh and ADK Hard Cider Irish Festival

(DoNorth/Kayla Breen) Plattsburgh has been notoriously known for its St. Patrick’s Day spirit since the 1970s when thousands of college students and community members gathered downtown in massive crowds at the bars. Without becoming an actual riot, Plattsburgh turned into a mob of people dressed as leprechauns drinking their holiday-inspired green beer. One such crowd at the Monopole, a popular bar downtown, caused a beam in the floor to break, spreading fear that the entire floor would cave in at any moment. Police could not weave through the party-goers, even when someone needed to be taken to the hospital after…

Sail boats float against an orange and pink horizon.

Fun off the Shore

(DoNorth/Jessica Blondell) The boat moves through the water as the wind whips around the sails. The crew feels a rush of energy as the boat picks up speed. The cool, fresh water splashes over the sides of the sailboat as the captain steers through the course. He watches as his team moves through the steps they have repeated so many times before. Their sailboat passes another, and another, until they reach the finish line and can finally take a breath of relief and victory. For Ed Trombley, a member of the Valcour Sailing Club, that is the power he feels…

The Perfect Escape: Beginners Trail the New Land Trust

When I drove to Saranac to find out what the New Land Trust was all about, I had one of the best car rides of my two years living in the North Country. The scenery of the Adirondack Mountains, nearby farms and dirt roads made it hard to concentrate on the road ahead of me. Once I finally found the dirt and grass patch designated for parking by the sign-in book, I parked my car and eagerly wandered up the trail toward the cabin that signals the starting point for many of the trails. Doug Yu, a board member of…

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