Writer’s Hideout Preserved Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage and Museum

(DoNorth/Jessica Blondell) Replace, cigarette in hand, brainstorming story ideas as his stepson quickly jotted them down. This is how the writer spent most of his days while living in a small cottage in Saranac Lake. His temporary home is now the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage and Museum. Best known for the children’s classic “Treasure Island” and the adult horror story “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” Stevenson left a lasting legacy after living in this Adirondack cottage. The museum, located in Saranac Lake, was created to preserve the memory of Stevenson. According to the museum’s website…

Runners Gather for Fitness Extravaganza

Taking back epithet “Rock Eater,” Plattsburgh locals, as well as runners from surrounding counties and Canada, join together in costumes to participate in the Rockeater Adventure Race.


Tahawus: Story of a Ghost Town

Zooming through the bumpy dirt roads in what is now known as Upper Works, you will find the remnants of a once large titanium mining community known as Tahawus.

The Historical Hoarders at the Alice T. Miner Museum

The museum smells of seasoned artifacts. Hundred-year-old heirlooms and porcelain ornately arranged in every crevice of the building. Walking through the foyer, the old walls and wooden floor creak with the settling frost – the welcoming murmurs of the museum’s matron, Alice T. Miner. The size is daunting; it seems impossible that the 19th-century stone building houses 17 rooms. The narrow hallways open to large vaulted ceilings, yet it feels claustrophobic. “[People] are surprised when they first come in – not everything is just old furniture, there’s a lot more,” said Ellen Adams, assistant director of the Alice T. Miner…

The Perfect Escape: Beginners Trail the New Land Trust

When I drove to Saranac to find out what the New Land Trust was all about, I had one of the best car rides of my two years living in the North Country. The scenery of the Adirondack Mountains, nearby farms and dirt roads made it hard to concentrate on the road ahead of me. Once I finally found the dirt and grass patch designated for parking by the sign-in book, I parked my car and eagerly wandered up the trail toward the cabin that signals the starting point for many of the trails. Doug Yu, a board member of…

The Legend of The Plucky Rooster

all American fleet led by Commodore Thomas Macdonough awaited the British army, which outnumbered the Yanks 10 ­to ­1.

A Blast From the Past: The Alice T. Miner Museum

Go back in time and explore the nicknacks of presidents and other important figures of the past.

What if the Red Coats Won?

The Red Coast are coming! Travel to an alternative universe, what would happen if the Yankees lost the War of 1812?

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The Battle of Plattsburgh’s Secret Weapon: Plucky Rooster Ale

Plattsburgh Brewing Co. brewmaster Jason Stoyanoff, 33, walks across the room wearing a cotton t-shirt, jeans and Red Sox hat. He sits down and sips his beer, but as he starts talking a look of confusion comes across his face. “I’m sorry give me just a second,” he says. “Something isn’t right.” He runs into the back room and after a few minutes emerges and apologizes for the delay, explaining there is a problem with the chilling system. This is the kind of attention to detail vital to success in craft brewing. And Stoyanoff knows the business well. The beer…

Re-enactment Fashion Tips for Men

Plattsburgh’s rich culture around re-enactments makes it the perfect place to explore re-enactment fashion. Events like The Battle of Plattsburgh Commemorative Weekend allow re-enactors to come together to relieve a piece of history, and you can too. Re-enactment fashion is all about research and finding era-correct clothing. We gave tips for women in Issue 5.  Here’s some tips for men: If you are portraying a male civilian, the typical attire is a shirt, knee bridges, socks, a waist coat and a top that was like a tuxedo, short in the front and long in the back. For added detail, men…

A Blast to the Past: Prohibition in Plattsburgh

Back in the early 1920s, Ed Favreau used to drive along Plattsburgh’s Route 22 without his headlights on. He was safer in the darkness — or as safe as he’d get. Smuggling alcohol from the Canadian border to Plattsburgh was a dangerous journey during Prohibition. No one could see him in the pitch-black night, but he could still hear the gun shots in the distance. “All you could hear was ‘bang, bang’ in the air,” Favreau recalled these days in a video produced by Hometown Cable Network in 1994, three years before he died. Today, that same drive will lead you to scattered bars,…