License to ‘Still | Plattsburgh’s First Distillery Since Prohibition

Corn mash churns and bubbles as the sour scent of fermentation wafts throughout Mountain Spirit Distilling’s building on Plattsburgh’s retired Air Force base.

It Comes Naturally | From Back Porch to Bridge Street

It is no secret that the Adirondack Coast is home to some of the best historical attractions, photography and skiing in the northeast. But recently a new facet of the area has grown in popularity: the rich mosaic of organic farms, food producers and vendors cascading from the High Peaks down to the Champlain shore.

A Look Inside Lomeli’s | Fusing Cultures Through Cuisine

You don’t have to travel far in Clinton County to get a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. Lomeli’s Mexican Food brings heaping portions of traditional Mexican-American cooking to downtown Plattsburgh.

Blast from Candy Past

(DoNorth/Safire R. Sostre) Stacks of decadent fudge line the shelves ㅡ french vanilla, raspberry chocolate truffle, blueberry cheesecake and bacon maple walnut. Kids rush in with their parents to pick out a flavor of freshly made cotton candy and caramel popcorn. Senior citizens stroll in for a taste of sugar-free candy. This is the literal sweetness that is Grandma’s Candy Shop. In October 2013, Josue Chanduvi established Grandma’s Candy Shop in downtown Plattsburgh. Largely inspired by his grandmother, who always gave him sweets as a kid, Chanduvi decided to follow his grandmother’s advice: “Give people a little bit of your…

Maple Weekend

Freshly boiled maple syrup fills the air with a distinctively sweet smell as Mickey Maynard sits down to a piping-hot, maple-infused breakfast in a pancake house. He’s just a few steps from the Parker Family Maple Farm sugarhouse.“We look forward to Maple Weekend every spring to celebrate the end of a long winter with family and friends,” Maynard, a Lake Champlain fishing charter captain, says. Maynard is not alone. For the past 20 years, Maple Weekend has been a staple of early spring in upstate New York. In late March and early April, locals and tourists alike crowd into sugar…

Hops to it

  (DoNorth/Kevin McAvey) Winter weather welcomes darker beer — stouts and porters. With the exception of a few flagship pilsners and pale ales, lighter beers tend to drop off the taps in correlation with the temperatures. In a nation with an ever-growing thirst for microbrews, the upstate region of New York has adopted the trend as more variety in local establishments emerge day-by-day. Visit these downtown Plattsburgh bars that offer craft brews on draft. Hobie’s Sports Den (68 Margaret St., 518-562-1000) Hobie’s is a cozy brick-walled sports bar with a menu ranging from pizza and pasta to salads and burgers.…

Anthony’s Restaurant and Bistro delivers first-rate fare

(DoNorth/Kayla Breen) What began as a 19th-century farmhouse was transformed into a contemporary restaurant inspired by French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish cuisine. Anthony’s Restaurant and Bistro is home – with a European twist. In 1980, Anthony’s opened as an Italian gourmet restaurant and two years later adopted a continental/European menu. Scott Murray has been there from almost the beginning. In 1983, Murray was hired as the executive chef. By 2009, he bought the place. Since then, Anthony’s has welcomed customers with its warm ambiance, dedicated staff and versatile menu. “Our menu is designed to be really comfortable,” Murray says. One…

Straight from the North Country

Discover a CSA, creamery, and brewery, all located on the same road. Written by Pat Willisch and Adam St. Pierre

Campus Corner Dining

Campus Corner serves a mean omelette with a side of warm hospitality.

Dana’s Rusty Anchor

(Do North/Natasha Courter) Different sunset hues of oranges, pinks, and blues dance off Lake Champlain and frame the historic Valcour Lighthouse. Its sturdy and stark red brick, a bulwark jutting out of the verdant island forest that surrounds it. As the last sailboats tack past, seemingly close enough to touch. The spectacular view from the lakeside deck at Dana’s Rusty Anchor makes for more than a meal; it’s an event every spring and summer evening. The RustyAnchor, a seafood restaurant and bar, is the sort of place you can race past if you’re not looking, a fairly nondescript building on…

Brewfest: Where Local Brewers Showcase

This summer, sand between the feet of the Cumberland Bay State Park visitors, music vibrating through their ears and the sun-kissed summer glow will pair well with cold local craft brews — thanks to Plattsburgh’s Brewfest on Tap, a beachside festival by beer aficionados of the local community. Brewfest on Tap, a festival to showcase beers and ciders Aug. 1, is a way to help support local businesses and encourage people to join in on the brewing fun, says Erin Frey, the vice president of Adirondack Cider Company, who helped organize the event. “You get to talk to the people…