Committed to Comida

Locally Sourced Latin Food Josue Chanduvi wants to teach his customers that food is a powerful thing. Grandma’s Spanish Kitchen, a Peruvian-Cuban restaurant, sits at 5143 U.S. Ave. in Plattsburgh, in a small building set back from the road. A colorful interior resembles the furnishings of a home with strong Latin roots as the sounds of Celia Cruz and Marc Anthony play from a small TV perched in front of the kitchen. Owner Josue Chanduvi glides from table to table taking orders, serving customers and striking up conversations. “We are the only Peruvian-Cuban restaurant from here to Schenectady,” he says…

Mediteranean on Margaret Street

Fusing Family & Flavor For Peter Kritziotis, Greek and Italian food under one roof make a home. His restaurant, Aleka’s, serves Mediterranean classics like seafood fra diavolo, gyros and horiatiki. Kritziotis, 49, comes from a Mediterranean family. His mother immigrated from Sicily to Canada in the late ‘50s at the age of 5. His father made the trip from Greece at 16 in the ‘60s. Later that decade, the two met in Montreal. In his younger years, family get-togethers for Kritziotis were filled with both cuisines. This inspired him to open Aleka’s and cook what he knows. To him, food…

Sanger’s Sugar House

Located in the heart of West Chazy, Sanger’s Sugar House is known for its family-oriented atmosphere and delicious maple sugar. Walter Sanger, the original owner, purchased the farm and land in 1924. A year later, he began what would become a three-generation business — making maple sugar. “Sangers have made maple syrup from these trees ever since,” Kim Sanger said, the current co-owner with her husband Lee Sanger, son of Ben Sanger. Visitors often look forward to Pancake Weekend, an annual event where pancakes, applesauce, sausage, coffee, milk and Sanger maple products are served. Pancake Weekend began in 1970 when…

Mac Attack | A New Twist On An Old Classic

Forget about that diet for a moment and indulge in carb-loaded goodness. Whether it’s a traditional mac and cheese or a contrasting plate of mac stacked with crispy bacon, ground beef, maple syrup and jalapeno jam, these dishes are sure to impress the most refined mac and cheese aficionado.

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