Anthony’s Restaurant and Bistro delivers first-rate fare

(DoNorth/Kayla Breen) What began as a 19th-century farmhouse was transformed into a contemporary restaurant inspired by French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish cuisine. Anthony’s Restaurant and Bistro is home – with a European twist. In 1980, Anthony’s opened as an Italian gourmet restaurant and two years later adopted a continental/European menu. Scott Murray has been there from almost the beginning. In 1983, Murray was hired as the executive chef. By 2009, he bought the place. Since then, Anthony’s has welcomed customers with its warm ambiance, dedicated staff and versatile menu. “Our menu is designed to be really comfortable,” Murray says. One…

Discover Plattsburgh and ADK Hard Cider Irish Festival

(DoNorth/Kayla Breen) Plattsburgh has been notoriously known for its St. Patrick’s Day spirit since the 1970s when thousands of college students and community members gathered downtown in massive crowds at the bars. Without becoming an actual riot, Plattsburgh turned into a mob of people dressed as leprechauns drinking their holiday-inspired green beer. One such crowd at the Monopole, a popular bar downtown, caused a beam in the floor to break, spreading fear that the entire floor would cave in at any moment. Police could not weave through the party-goers, even when someone needed to be taken to the hospital after…

Stone Ledge Sculpture Garden

(DoNorth/Kayla Breen) Along Route 9 just south of Plattsburgh, copper figures glimmer and abstract sculptures stand in an open field providing an unexpected double-take for passersby. The only indication that this space is actually an outdoor art gallery is a wooden frame with flowers and a bike stand. A hand-painted sign reads “Stone Ledge Sculpture Garden.” Perched right below is a stand with a floral-printed sign-in book. More than 80 sculptures fill the field, each made with industrial materials, such as ceramic, wood, mixed media and steel. Behind each metal sculpture lies a story. Garden curator Jackie Sabourin thinks the…

Dewey 's Tavern

Dewey Drop Inn

(DoNorth/Jessica Blondell) Around 7,000 American and British soldiers camped at Dewey’s Tavern during the Battle of Plattsburgh. Named one of the oldest structures in the town of Champlain, the tavern is also one of the most important military burials — American and British soldiers who died at the tavern were buried in unmarked graves in an elevated area south of the tavern. Located on the intersection of Plattsburgh, New York; Champlain, New York; Montreal, Canada and Rouses Point, New York, the 3-story building was at the center of the American-British conflict. Originally owned by Elias and Lovisa Dewey and their…

Sail boats float against an orange and pink horizon.

Fun off the Shore

(DoNorth/Jessica Blondell) The boat moves through the water as the wind whips around the sails. The crew feels a rush of energy as the boat picks up speed. The cool, fresh water splashes over the sides of the sailboat as the captain steers through the course. He watches as his team moves through the steps they have repeated so many times before. Their sailboat passes another, and another, until they reach the finish line and can finally take a breath of relief and victory. For Ed Trombley, a member of the Valcour Sailing Club, that is the power he feels…

Writer’s Hideout Preserved Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage and Museum

(DoNorth/Jessica Blondell) Replace, cigarette in hand, brainstorming story ideas as his stepson quickly jotted them down. This is how the writer spent most of his days while living in a small cottage in Saranac Lake. His temporary home is now the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Cottage and Museum. Best known for the children’s classic “Treasure Island” and the adult horror story “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” Stevenson left a lasting legacy after living in this Adirondack cottage. The museum, located in Saranac Lake, was created to preserve the memory of Stevenson. According to the museum’s website…

History Behind Rockwell Kent Gallery

(DoNorth/Griffin Kelly) The bronze walls and subdued lighting welcome you to peruse Kent’s collection of landscape paintings. These pieces inform you not only of who the artist Kent was but also of his call for adventure. His paintings take you around the world from the cliffs of Ireland to the mountains of Alaska and from the coast of South America to the rural North Country of New York.  Filled with oil paintings, illustrations, prints, bookplates and ceramics, The Rockwell Kent Gallery of the Plattsburgh State Art Museum offers a way to see the world in a single room. The gallery’s…

Runners Gather for Fitness Extravaganza

Taking back epithet “Rock Eater,” Plattsburgh locals, as well as runners from surrounding counties and Canada, join together in costumes to participate in the Rockeater Adventure Race.


Tahawus: Story of a Ghost Town

Zooming through the bumpy dirt roads in what is now known as Upper Works, you will find the remnants of a once large titanium mining community known as Tahawus.

Ira Glass: NPR Legend

Ira Glass: NPR Legend: Shot and edited by Nick Toppings for DoNorth Magazine. This accompanies the A Day in Bluff Point story featured in Issue 6.

North Star: Mike Richter

North Star: Mike Richter: Shot and edited by Nick Toppings for DoNorth Magazine. This accompanies the Mike Richter’s Love of Green story featured in Issue 6.