Rockin’ the Boathouse | Lakeside Lodging with a Valcour View

The Valcour Inn and Boathouse, built in 1904, sits on the western shore of Lake Champlain in Peru, New York. The nine-acre estate offers year-round lodging and hosts various social events from April to mid-October.

Just Milkin’ It | The Udder Side of the Dairy Industry

Nestled amidst the wildflowers and tall grass of Mace Chasm Road, a nearly two-century-old farmhouse rests on green pastures. Just over the horizon, Lake Champlain glistens elegantly.

18 Hours Gluten Free | Exploring Plattsburgh’s Gluten-Free Options

As snowflakes dust the streets of downtown Plattsburgh, there’s no better time to enjoy the warmth that food brings. Whether it’s sipping a hot coffee, eating brunch with close friends, or de-stressing with a calm dinner after work, food can make or break the day.

Mac Attack | A New Twist On An Old Classic

Forget about that diet for a moment and indulge in carb-loaded goodness. Whether it’s a traditional mac and cheese or a contrasting plate of mac stacked with crispy bacon, ground beef, maple syrup and jalapeno jam, these dishes are sure to impress the most refined mac and cheese aficionado.

License to ‘Still | Plattsburgh’s First Distillery Since Prohibition

Corn mash churns and bubbles as the sour scent of fermentation wafts throughout Mountain Spirit Distilling’s building on Plattsburgh’s retired Air Force base.

It Comes Naturally | From Back Porch to Bridge Street

It is no secret that the Adirondack Coast is home to some of the best historical attractions, photography and skiing in the northeast. But recently a new facet of the area has grown in popularity: the rich mosaic of organic farms, food producers and vendors cascading from the High Peaks down to the Champlain shore.

A Look Inside Lomeli’s | Fusing Cultures Through Cuisine

You don’t have to travel far in Clinton County to get a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. Lomeli’s Mexican Food brings heaping portions of traditional Mexican-American cooking to downtown Plattsburgh.

Maple Weekend

Freshly boiled maple syrup fills the air with a distinctively sweet smell as Mickey Maynard sits down to a piping-hot, maple-infused breakfast in a pancake house. He’s just a few steps from the Parker Family Maple Farm sugarhouse.“We look forward to Maple Weekend every spring to celebrate the end of a long winter with family and friends,” Maynard, a Lake Champlain fishing charter captain, says. Maynard is not alone. For the past 20 years, Maple Weekend has been a staple of early spring in upstate New York. In late March and early April, locals and tourists alike crowd into sugar…

Therapy Two Stories Up

(DoNorth/Kayla Breen) Two stories above downtown Plattsburgh in a rustic brick-walled room of the Adirondack Wellness Alliance, Kristin Moore skillfully massages a completely-relaxed client. Moore practices extreme focus and precision in tailoring her touch to her client’s specific needs. “I think that labels like ‘deep-tissue’ or ‘Swedish massage’ are just guiding terms,” Moore says, beginning to explain her massage method. “For me, it’s all about understanding each unique client’s body, muscles and needs.” Moore’s talent in feeling for problem areas is so advanced that she practices reiki, a Japanese technique utilizing touch to transfer energy which alleviates stress and promotes…

Cycling the Saranac

The sun sets. The lake’s reflection mirrors the sun’s orange, reddish-hues as the clouds gather. Isaac Hardy adjusts his helmet. His red-and-yellow checkered skinsuit stands out on this cloudy day. Gracefully, he mounts his bicycle and glides down the Saranac River bike trail.

Plattsburgh Then vs. Now

(DoNorth/Jessica Blondell) Plattsburgh City Beach THEN: Judging by the beach attire and the cars scattered along the beach, Roger Black, Clinton County Historical Society volunteer of historic photos, estimates this photo was taken in the early 1920s. When the weather warmed up and the beach welcomed visitors, people from the surrounding Plattsburgh area and into Canada would park their cars on beach and bask in the sun with friends and family. NOW: The Plattsburgh City Beach is one of the largest freshwater beaches in the United States, according to the City of Plattsburgh Parks and Recreation Department, and has views…