Maple D.I.Y

Beauty Hacks from Sap

It goes well with waffles, pancakes, french toast, oatmeal and bacon, but what about the shampoo that someone swears by or the lip scrub that cures dry lips?

DoNorth After Hours, Winter/Spring 2020

Take a load off, kick your feet up & join me for a nightcap

The editors and I spend long hours in the office together, and we love to unwind with tasty, locally inspired cocktails once our work-week is done. I wrote down a few of my personal favorites. I hope this inspires you to get creative, make your own seasonal sippers and support our great Clinton County distilleries. Stay warm, readers, and sip responsibly!


Art On The Rocks

Something co-founders Michele Drozd, Lance Stover and Barbara Tam did to set Craigardan apart from the rest, was to accept artists of all mediums into the program at the same time. Tam was the landowner of Craigardan’s first location and her husband had dreamed of having an organization just like this, so she set a plan in motion to make this dream a reality.

Food For Thought

Back to School with Chef Hemm

In order to teach students how to cook, Hemm had to accept that some people are anxious in the kitchen. His mission was to help them overcome their fears. He doesn’t wear traditional white chef’s clothing. He may even show up wearing shorts and sandals in the summertime. His casual teaching style is designed to ease the student’s cooking anxiety.

Trout n’ About Recipes

Here I’m going to share a few recipes that I believe to be some of the best ways to cook fresh-caught trout. These recipes are versatile, as are the types of fish that can be used. I’m using rainbow trout, but brook and brown trout are also acceptable. For transparency’s sake, I’ll be using farm-raised trout because most of the places I fish are strictly catch-and-release. Be sure that all fish have been cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit before serving.

Trout n’ About

Fly Fishing on the Saranac

Fly fishing can seem like a daunting way to go about catching a fish, but with the right knowledge and a little experience, it can be a very rewarding and therapeutic experience.

Chasing Rapids

Spring into action at the Imperial Dam

Dark blue water gushes down the Saranac River at heights of 8-and-a-half feet during the river’s peak in April. Doubling its depth in less than a month, the Saranac becomes the perfect playground for whitewater kayakers.

Frozen Freestyle

Air Time on Ice

Whether someone is seeking a rush of adrenaline or just looking to take in the view from new heights, White says there is no limit to what can be accomplished with these kites.

Rural Ambitions

Food and Family at Farmhouse Pantry

People don’t just come here to eat or grab a cup of coffee, they also come for the homemade jars of jam, pickles, honey, the hand-bottled fruit juices, kombucha, fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. The ingredients for everything served or sold here comes from the Vaillancourt’s and other local farms.

Artful Taste

A Feast for the Eyes and Appetite

Leisurely strolling into their space on a Sunday morning, customers’ wandering eyes are met with charcoal-hued walls contrasting against bright purples, golden yellows and deep fuchsia swirls filling the space. Edison bulbs hang from the ceiling by black cords, casting a warm yellow light. A centrally located bar is stocked with various liquors, ciders, craft beers and wines.

Coastal Cross-Country

A guide to cross-country skiing on the ADK Coast

Are you looking to explore a prime Northeastern destination that features rough terrain or smooth gliding on an expansive coastline? Do you have that favorite pair of cross-country skis at the ready? If so, look no further. There are plenty of paths to discover along the Adirondack Coast.

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