Our Distribution:
DoNorth has a circulation of 10,000 magazines twice a year. The magazine is distributed among the Plattsburgh International Airport, the airport’s PenAir flights to Boston and Maine, rest stops on I-87, north of Albany, as well as hotels in the Clinton County region. The magazine is also placed in welcome bags for fishing tournaments. This distribution allows us to make contact with our target market.

Our Readership/ Target Market:
85 percent of our readers are from Canada with the greatest concentration from Quebec, but they are also from Ontario and Ottawa. Many of these people are well-educated, well-traveled affluent families of four or more. They use the Plattsburgh airport for flights to Boston and continue on from there, or they come to Plattsburgh for recreational purposes, such as biking or fishing tournaments.

DoNorth is happy to build a custom ad for your business — for the small fee of $50. Photos, contact information and a description of the ad will need to be provided to our advertising staff.
Contact Ad Manager at if interested in purchasing an ad with DoNorth.